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Sutton, B (2022). Black Pain, Black Pride: An Exploration of Racial Identity and Mental Health. District of Columbia Psychological Association, Washington, DC.

Maiden, J.L. & Sutton, B. (2021). An exploration of mental health and racial esteem for African

Americans in higher education. Journal of Liberal Arts and Humanities, 2(2), 1-10.

Mizelle, N., Maiden, J.L., Grandy, J.C., Stewart, D.O. & Sutton, B. (2020). Cultural mistrust

and counseling: A review of factors impacting African Americans males. Research

 Journal of Education, 6(8), 128-134.

Maiden, J.L. & Sutton, B. (2019). Cultural mistrust: The hesitancy of African American males to

seek counseling. The Association for Adult Development and Aging, Chicago, IL.

Maiden, J.L., Sutton, B. & Simms, E. (2018). Mentors Wanted: The Impact of Mentorship for

African American Males in Counseling Programs. The Association for Adult

Development and Aging, Washington, DC.

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