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Teaching Philosophy

The teaching philosophy I tend to adhere to is reconstructionism. It is a student-centered approach that seeks to instill a passion in the students to help improve society and the world. This approach looks to controversial issues and current events as sources to engage the thinking process. It encourages collaboration among students to generate change and includes trending world events into the curriculum. This approach views teaching institutes as resources to assist in solving social problems.
My teaching goal is to provide students with a concrete foundation for future career endeavors. I strive to ensure the development and enhancement of students' abilities to analyze various aspects of their lives academically and professionally. Through academic dialogue and real-world experience in certain teaching points, I will enhance students' learning experience. Using various instructional techniques such as current issues, innovative research, role-playing, reflection, visualization, and cooperative learning will enhance the classroom environment to optimize learning in multiple forms.
My viewpoint is to engage my students and prompt them to actively participate in classroom activity by using approaches that can inspire student interest, generating an atmosphere of innovative learning possibilities. The proper application of the teaching material guides the student while allowing them to navigate the entirety of their learning experience by reasoning through their problem. Through the use of After-Action Reviews, it provides an opportunity to summarize what the students have learned and correct any misperceptions from the learning material. Interactive classroom discussion offers an opportunity for students to organize their thoughts while sharing their viewpoints and experiences.
I strive to improve my student's classroom experience through active feedback from peers and faculty members alike with the purpose of better preparing them for real-world interactions.

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